NaN, in the programming world, stands for "not a number." In the kingdom of God no one is just a number. Rather, everyone is a child of God. Our Father seeks that no one should perish, but that everyone become His child and bear His image and be with Him forever.

Philippians 4:8

Furthermore, brothers and sisters,
 whatsoever is true,
 whatsoever is honorable,
 whatsoever is righteous,
 whatsoever is pure,
 whatsoever is amiable,
 whatsoever is of good report,
if there be any virtue or if there be any praise,
 think on these things.

The purpose of this site is to bring forth the Truth and the Love of God so that people may think on these things. In this way, you will come to the knowledge of the Son of God—to the Truth—so that you may have life and be able to offer life to those around you. He who doesn't have life cannot offer life to another. But he that receives life is therefore able to offer the same life that he has received. And we seek eternal life and have indeed found it!

We have not come forth from the cross to judge, but that everyone may be saved. For we are not He that causes things to grow. We are merely farmers, sent forth from a foreign land to work the fields: to break the rocky ground, to bring forth the abundant soil, to plant seeds, to feed the land with living water, and to watch God cause it all to grow. This is our joy: To commit to the work at hand, awaiting the day of harvest, when the fruits shall be ripe for the taking, rejoicing together with those that reap and with those that sow; for the day of not only rest but of celebration, where we are all gathered and found in the presence of our God and of our Lord; where we will experience God's Glory forever and ever.